Oceanside Glasstile tile manufacturer – USA.

Posted onApril 28, 2013

Oceanside Glasstile tile manufacturer – USA.

Oceanside Glasstile took shape when three glass artists and a bean counter were united by a singular passion – to interpret art glass in new forms for architecture and interior design. Today, more than sixteen years later, that fire burns even brighter, fueled by the enduring belief in the need for beauty in our everyday lives.All Oceanside Glasstile is made primarily from silica sand, an abundant natural resource, with many colors also containing recycled content that may include pre-consumer*, post-industrial**, and/or post-consumer*** recycled bottle glass from curbside recycling programs. See the chart opposite for specific content by color.


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LaFaenza Italy

Posted onJuly 1, 2012
Ceramic tradition looks towards the future.
The ceramic company LaFaenza began its cultural renewal at the beginning of the 1960’s.
The ability of its founding members to unite the Faentine ceramic tradition with the creative suggestions that inspired those years became immediately clear. The project approach was characterised by the work of the prestigious designer Carlo Zauli, Artistic Director and company Designer since the 1990’s – the creator of exclusive LaFaenza design tiles today exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum of London – who was also the author of the company itinerary characterised on the interpretation of the ceramic surface and the quest for the most refined elegance.
The work of Zauli was behind the material rebirth that gave life to the perfect marriage between design and industrial production: a synergy that immediately became the trademark of the LaFaenza factory. A style and a design vision that introduced art into our everyday lives and that still today inspires the LaFaenza collections, making them the refined protagonists on the ceramics market.
The uniqueness of the most carefully selected raw materials, of the most advanced processing technology, of the constant search for never seen before aesthetic solutions, of large size slabs all make LaFaenza an international leader for its production capacity; a real interpreter of the new market demands.
Tradition and innovation as the synergy between technical ability and creativity: the uniqueness of LaFaenza ceramic art.
Via V Veneto , 13 40026 IMOLA (BO)
Tel ++39 0542 601601
Fax ++39 0542 31749
Plant and Production
Via Bisaura , 20 48018 FAENZA (RA)
Tel ++39 0546 674111